Elizabeth Martínez Martínez, Director of Tourism of Teotihuacán

Elizabeth Martínez Martínez, Director of Tourism of Teotihuacán

April 11, 2024

What are you going to show at this Tianguis Turístico México Acapulco 2024?

We come to show, to show you a lot of what Teotihuacán is, it is the second most visited archaeological zone in the world, something that fills us with pride, we are in the State of Mexico and well, the truth is that we have always said this wealth, we do not have a beach but we do have this second archaeological zone that apart from everything, I want to tell you all the richness in the sense of having gastronomy, eating a delicious barbecue, guacamoles, pulque which is the nectar of the gods, it is part of what you have to enjoy, but we also have everything that is the cultural theme, we have patron saint festivals, we have monumental letters, there is for example the whole ecotourism theme, not if you want to take a tour in for example on the subject of hot air balloons also with the ATV, bicycles or simply go for a run and enjoy this panorama, because it is part of what you can live in Teotihuacan, the theme of well-being and health is something that is very fashionable, because people are looking to relax then get to Teotihuacán to the temascales with a massage, Spending the night in Teotihuacán that we do have hotels, because suddenly there are those who do not know that we have hotels and there are hotels in Teotihuacán, restaurants too and for the whole family, it is part of what we have, the dances that is something representative for us. That's what we can boast about, we're just 35 minutes from Mexico City.

What is the main tourism that comes to Teotihuacan?

I could tell you about the energy, the mysticism that we have there and we are a place, because of the proximity of Mexico City, a place that has the enigmatic theme that we talk about the pyramids that normally everyone is going to carry, we have just passed what is the equinox that is spring and that is in the month of March, On the 21st of March, which the groups that go with the theme of meditation, of yoga, in the spiritual theme, is what we have most obviously.

What were last year's figures in Teotihuacan?

After the issue of the pandemic, which was something that hit us 100% and I think that not all of us, just us, the tourism issue did very badly, however now, the figures are five million people a year that we have, so it is a very visited place and that undoubtedly after we get out of the pandemic, Well, people overflowed, we have had a very good influx every day, every day, 365 days a year, you can visit the archaeological zone and this speaks of the fact that we do not stop and we are prepared to receive them, people arrive on the weekend, which is when there is more movement, but also during the week we also have a lot of movement of people, nationals, foreigners and we are ready to receive you in Teotihuacan.

What are the recommendations for those who are going to visit Teotihuacan?

I would tell them that we are in the safe part, it is part of everything we are promoting here in the tianguis, that you have to consume in safe places, fly safely with companies that are trained, that are recognized and that have their permits is something very important, all the tourism service providers in that sense, You can get to a restaurant and the issue of quality and all the warmth of the people is important, but if I tell you that not only the people who are going to go to Teotihuacán soon can fly in a balloon, they can do ecotourism activities. The theme of food, of gastronomy. We have these employers' associations all year round in all the communities that make up the municipality and well, it is part of who we are, a safe place and we are waiting for you to go to this destination that is so important worldwide.


We are waiting for you in Teotihuacan, we are in the State of Mexico, we have a great variety. Activities they can do. Always go, I said it we don't have a beach but we do have this second most visited archaeological site in the world and it is in Teotihuacán in the State of Mexico.

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