Quintana Roo Governor Mara Lezama highlights tourism achievements in the Mexican Caribbean at Tianguis Turístico Acapulco 2024

Quintana Roo Governor Mara Lezama highlights tourism achievements in the Mexican Caribbean at Tianguis Turístico Acapulco 2024

April 10, 2024

There is great news for Quintana Roo in terms of tourism, they are coming to promote tourism in the Mexican Caribbean in a new and renewed way, what can you tell us?

The new era of the Mexican Caribbean, a strategic campaign to promote our 12 tourist destinations, through this campaign we make known 10 reasons, among many others we have, the exceptional accessibility of Quintana Roo with four international airports, with a resounding success breaking all records in Tulum, international flights from the United States with airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, United, South West, closing new flights with Lufthansa, starting this summer with Cop, with Air Canada, without a doubt also our global connectivity, which is what we are also talking about in this advertising campaign, 134 cities in the world, global cities connected with our beautiful state, undoubtedly the innovation in transportation, this arrival of the inclusion of a train that allows us to know the entire state throughout the length and breadth and other states of South Southeast Mexico, we are a cultural epicenter, which is also what we talk about in this campaign, to know our archaeological remains, a melting pot of culture offering to all visitors what we have, Nobody knows where they are going if they do not know where they come from, our Mayan culture is extraordinary, a diversified paradise, we are much more than sun and beach, an articulated paradise, 12 tourist destinations and those 12 tourist destinations with a wide offer of the Mexican Caribbean, with a variety of experiences, with this exuberant jungle, cenotes, lagoons and the best treatment of the people of Quintana Roo.

The sixth point would be within this campaign, this wide hotel offer, 130,000 hotel rooms and growing, because more hotels are being built for all tastes, which is fundamental. The Mexican Caribbean caters to all segments; honeymooners, young people, obviously students, senior citizens, segments for all travelers and groups and conventions, congresses, weddings, constant renovation, which is also important to say, and segments for all budgets, for all people from the youngest to the youngest, If you go to Cancun you will see, well, many things renovated and you arrive at the Colosio Boulevard and the airport distributor, you arrive and you enjoy the view of the city, you get to the airport, you get to the airport, you get to the airport, you get to the airport, you get to the airport, you get to the airport, you get to the airport, you get to the airport, you get to the airport, you get to the airport, you get to the airport, you get to the airport, you get to the airport, you get to the airport and you get to the airport, you arrive and enjoy the view that is about to culminate of an extraordinary bridge in the south, Vigia Chico, the park we are building in Chetumal, in short, with constant innovation, with constant renovations, a premier cruise ship destination, we close 2023 with more than 1,500 cruise ships, with more than six million cruise passengers who have lived unforgettable experiences and obviously talk about this industry with a very important development, but also with an extremely important economic benefit and what we always say in this campaign, which is the new era of the Mexican Caribbean, the new era of tourism, is growth but with shared prosperity and within this campaign today I am delighted to tell you that we are winning many awards.

Quintana Roo swept the TripAdvisor awards, what can you tell us?

We are very happy because TripAdvisor, to give us an idea of what these awards mean, every month TripAdvisor receives 463 million visitors who visit the page, who comment on the page and within these comments I am very pleased to tell you that we took 12 awards out of 25 that TripAdvisor gave, we are taking 12 in Quintana Roo, In the Mexican Caribbean, Costa Mujeres, Isla Mujeres, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Cozumel won these awards in different categories and we also won an award that we just received from this company where we are allied through a campaign with the CPTQ, we are or were the most successful campaign in all of Mexico with a return on investment of 3 to 1, a campaign where our destinations are promoted, where there was a growth of 18% of the destinations, a growth of 16% in hotel room reservations, so we got many awards and it is the truth, a great effort of many people of businesswomen, businessmen, investors of the labor and talent of Quintana Roo, of tourist destinations, of teamwork and also in the framework of this Tianguis, a day before the start of this Tianguis Turístico in Acapulco, I am very pleased to share with you that Impresion Isla Mujeres by Secret, this hotel in Isla Mujeres, is the most instagramebale destination of 2024 in the world, not just from one part, but from hotels all over the world, the best hotels participated, 64 in total and Isla Mujeres by Secret won, the truth is that we are working every day, thanking you for the investment, thanking you for believing in our tourist destinations, thanking you for believing in Quintana Roo to invest and well, we have many appointments, It is a very busy schedule, I am returning today, but the truth is that we are taking with us a lot of good news for Quintana Roo, new routes, more frequencies, the position that I thank you for in an honorary way for this opportunity to be at the head of the Tourism Commission in the Conago, which was just handed over to me yesterday, working on four fundamental axes, which is sustainability, inclusion, technological disruption, mobility, security, climate change, these concepts that are developed from four basic axes which are sustainability, promotion in the face of the competition that exists, strengthening and diversification, organization and security, So we have been working since yesterday with the secretaries, and I would like to thank the secretaries from all over the country who have joined us, who are moving forward, all doing an extraordinary job and we are going to work hand in hand with them, there is no other way to move forward if we do not work together and well, the truth is that I insist with great news.

Also coming to Acapulco, from day one when we were told that it would take place, because in the face of the inclemencies of Hurricane Otis, which caused so much damage, at the moment we were told yes Tianguis we as Quintana Roo said, of course yes, we come to twin once again with the great people of Guerrero, with the extraordinary people of Acapulco, the best of this wonderful state, of course it is the people, as they have joined, not only will Acapulco be reborn, it is already being reborn and we also come to join together as we did since day one when the hurricane happened, We are brothers and sisters, we love our Mexico and we have to support and we are here to support, of course this tianguis to tell the world that Acapulco is on its feet, that it is thriving and that they are receiving you with all our love, they had a great Easter and Holy Week season, and as for Quintana Roo, to tell them that we are there in that wonderful place, that we are waiting for them with all our love, with 12 tourist destinations to serve them as they deserve and for them to live a great experience.

How will the Quintana Roo delegation close?

We continue with many appointments, we have already confirmed flights, for example, two Aeromexico flights, daily, from AIFA to Tulum, some offers that we are working on, the awards I was telling you about, other flights that we have to make known, other very important issues that I will make known a little later today with good news for the Brazilian market as well, In short, the truth is that we have a lot of work, the Quintana Roo delegation is staying, I am going back, there is also a lot of work to do in the state, but we have to come, we have to come to promote, we have to come to promote, we have to be at the fairs, we have to work as a team, we have to tell the world how wonderful we have in our state and how wonderful our country is, so we are very happy. We are at the Tianguis Turístico in Acapulco promoting our beautiful state of Quintana Roo.

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