Quintana Roo obtains new air routes and connectivity

Quintana Roo obtains new air routes and connectivity

April 12, 2024

What are the results obtained?

Many results in terms of connectivity, practically all the Mexican airlines with news for Quintana Roo and the most important thing is that we have established new routes to the four international airports of our State, a route to Chetumal with Vivaerobus, a route to Tulum with Volaris, a route to Cozumel, also by VivaAerobus, a route by Aeromexico to Tulum, also from AIFA, and an important route that is reaffirmed and announced for Quintana Roo, the maintenance of a route to Cozumel, also by VivaAerobus, Aeromexico's route to Tulum, also from AIFA, and an important route that is reaffirmed and announced in this international trade fair to Cancun, which is Macal in Cancun by Volaris, so, a great bet that is also consolidated with the announcement of the regional routes to be covered by the new regional Mexican airline Aerus that will connect Cozumel with Cancun, Cozumel with Chichen Itza, Cancun with Chetumal and Cancun with Merida, so, good news in that regard, in addition to hearing good news from the tour operators with whom we had the opportunity to meet and they have shown us a growth in their reservations, they have shown us a projection of a growth of over 10% this year, which is very good and it is good to continue collaborating through the Tourism Promotion Council in these cooperation strategies with our main commercial partners.

Quintana Roo and its 12 destinations have been recognized and multi-awarded, what can you tell us?

Yes, many awards from important platforms of the travel and tourism industry, one of them very relevant as is TripAdvisor, which gives 12 awards to various destinations in Quintana Roo, if I am not mistaken and I hope I do not miss any, awards to Isla Mujeres, Costa Mujeres, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Tulum, so we are very happy to receive these awards, which are recognitions from the travelers themselves who visit our destinations and recognize the quality of service and experience that the Mexican Caribbean represents, and a few minutes ago the magazine and Plataforma México Desconocido,
As it is already a tradition in the tourist industry, it announced the winners in different categories and we won two categories, which makes us very happy, two magical towns in our state won awards, Isla Mujeres as the magical town, the best magical town by the sea and Bacalar as the magical town that offers the best in health and wellness, so we are also very pleased with their awards.

How will the Quintana Roo delegation close?

We closed with a lot of work; the appointments continue in our pavilion. The representatives of the hotel industry, of the tourism service providers who attended, continue to do business, which gives us great pleasure, we continue to cover a promotional agenda, an institutional agenda also, hand in hand with the Federal Ministry of Tourism and our fellow tourism secretaries of the country, We are also immersed in a dynamic that allows us to compare experiences in a tourism tianguis that brings us together and until tomorrow we will be here working to return to Quintana Roo and prepare for what is to come because next week we have the platinum awards in the Riviera Maya which is an event that will have great repercussion at an international level and many people that we also have to cover from the Ministry of Tourism to continue promoting the tourism development model that Governor Mara Lezama has asked us to promote.

Will they maintain Quintana Roo's prominence?

As always, in these major events we will maintain the leading role and grow the leading role, not only nationally, but internationally with our new campaign, a new era of tourism in Quintana Roo that will surely strengthen Quintana Roo's position as one of the world's leading tourist destinations.

Message to citizens

Proud to represent our state, proud to promote the Mexican Caribbean and we will continue to do so 24/7 as requested by our governor.

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