Cancun is the preferred destination for this summer vacation: Adriana Mantilla, LATAM Regional Director for

Cancun is the preferred destination for this summer vacation: Adriana Mantilla, LATAM Regional Director for

April 11, 2024

Three months before the start of the 2024 summer vacation in Mexico, Adriana Mantilla, LATAM Regional Director for, said that the data and forecasts of its platforms showed that the most sought after and preferred destination by tourists is Cancun, in the state of Quintana Roo for the next vacation, where she also stressed that it occupies the first place.

"I don't think I'm going to surprise you with the first destination, we have Cancun as the first destination for the summer, but we also have other destinations such as Mazatlan, Puerto Escondido, Playa del Carmen and Mexico City, which continues to be a very interesting destination for the United States, France and we also have Brazilians, Argentines and very interesting Colombia. which continues to consolidate itself as one of the largest emitting countries for Mexico," he said.

Acapulco and its recovery

He explained that there is something very interesting and now in Acapulco they have more than 80 tours, so another thing he has also seen is that they have more than 28 types of accommodation, from tree houses, villas, apartments, resort, hostels, there are many types of accommodation, that is why they cannot determine the tastes or what has been the greatest preference since each traveler is looking for a different type of accommodation.

"There is something very interesting and that is that if we, for example, look at our booking data, we already have more than 70% of the inventory open, then I think that is very good news for the destination, because we have more than 400 accommodations and we see that people continue to come wanting to enjoy them, sunsets, walk on the beach, A destination of relaxation, so we see that every day there is more openness and I think that the tianguis was also a very good framework for us to also see the recovery that it is having," he said.

He added that in another of their 2024 prediction work studies, they have Merida in one of the top 10 destinations in the world that travelers want to go to the most and that has the most trend, which also shares the position with Buenos Aires and Japan.

"Having Mérida is a pleasure for us and to be able to tell all travelers about the historical benefits of this spectacular city and all the gastronomic benefits that Mérida has," he stressed.

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